Rhinos in Africa is helping to save the surviving South African Rhino.

Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa - Jefferson Brown

You do not need to be wealthy to give to charity, you do not even need to be middle class. In the USA for instance, it is a well-documented fact that it is the poor, not the wealthy, who give the highest percentage of their income to those in need.

The most important fact to remember is the amount you give will not matter unless you make sure your money gets to the right place. There are plenty of bogus Rhino charities and Rhino conservation charities out there, as well as legitimate, but wasteful or ineffective ones.

It is important to research the charity to make sure your hard-earned money is put to good use.

Rhinos in Africa carefully selects which persons and/or organisations to support. Please scroll through the beneficiaries to read about these fortunate beneficiaries that we have supported. Without our supporters, it would not have been possible to help these organisations that are carrying out such important work.

Please contact us if you would like to support our many rhino conservation projects. Every single donation helps and will make a difference.